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Spring clamp

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Spring clamp

Spring clamp is a device for quick installation of formwork, used in cast-in-situ concrete construction. It has a versatile design used to tighten the formwork panels with reinforcing rods. It is capable to withstand significant bursting loads when pouring the formwork with a liquid mortar.

Advantages of using a spring clamp: - the spring clamp is mounted and disassembled more easily and quickly than a tie bolt; - the price of the clamps is lower than that of the set of bolts; - durability and reliability; - long service life: suitable for multiple cycles; - versatility: used in the construction of various forms of formwork.

Baumak is the first-ever manufacturer of the spring clamps in Russia.

Features of YAKBIZON spring clamp: / powder coating / galvanized tongue / 2 mm thick spring / Mig/Mag automated welding in an inert gas environment / the base of the clamp is made by cold stamping.