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Film-faced plywood

Film-faced plywood 6mm
Film-faced plywood 9mm
Film-faced plywood 12mm
Film-faced plywood 15mm
Film-faced plywood 18mm
Film-faced plywood 21mm
Film-faced plywood

Film-faced plywood is a building material that is widely used in cast-in-situ concrete construction for concreting vertical, horizontal and inclined formwork structures: foundations, walls, and floors.

Film-faced plywood is a FSF grade birch plywood, both sides of which are covered with a film based on phenol-formaldehyde resin. Thanks to the film-facing, the plywood gets increased moisture resistance and wear resistance properties and improves strength characteristics.

Baumak manufactures plywood under its own brand SunBirch using high-quality materials, which ensures its excellent application performance. 120 g/m2 Russian-manufactured film on Finnish base is used for the facing. Thanks to high-quality materials, our plywood may be reused at least 50 times.

The plywood sheets are bundled protected with 4 and 6 mm thick plywood boards from all sides and tied with metal tape, which ensures its reliable transportation. Each bundle contains information about the grade and the date of manufacture.

Advantages of film-faced plywood: - Increased wear resistance: plywood film-faced with an emulsion can be used repeatedly; - High resistance to aggressive chemical environments: the coating does not deteriorate, when contacting with cement and sodium hydroxide; - Enhanced vapor and moisture resistance: can be operated in conditions of atmospheric humidity up to 80%; - High strength and hardness: resistance to bending, deformation, and fracture, subject to proper operation; - Heat resistance: withstands temperature differences from -30°C to +40°C; - Perfect smoothness of the film surface: reduces adhesion of plywood to concrete, thus enabling repeated use; - A wide range of different thicknesses: choose the most suitable plywood thickness based on the design objectives.