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Guardrail post

Guardrail post

The guardrail post is a piece of specialized equipment that is used in the construction of any objects and must be installed for the entire duration of construction work.

The main purpose of the guardrail post is to ensure the safety of builders when working at high elevations, as well as to prevent damage to human health and life.

The guardrail post is a welded, non-collapsible metal structure. It can be installed on 50 to 350 mm thick floors with adjustable screw support and a clamping device. A crash bar of not less than 10 centimeters high is installed at the bottom of the post and a protective board that also serves as a handrail is installed in its upper part.

The guardrail post can be used for a long time and in all weather conditions. Correct operation of the guardrail post will extend their service life and ensure safety at work: - throwing the products from the floors in the course of the products deinstallation is not allowed, as this may cause their deformation and damage; - reliability of fixing the screws on the slab must be checked after installation; - in case of a long-term operation the crash bars, the protective boards and the locking of fasteners must be checked.