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Cuplock scaffolding and formwork system

Cuplock scaffolding and formwork system

Cuplock scaffolding and formwork system is one of the most popular types of formwork used in cast-in-situ concrete construction. Cuplock formwork is one of the most up-to-date subspecies of 3D formwork that allows carrying out construction work at an elevation of up to 12 m or higher. One of the advantages of the cuplock systems is that they combine the functions of floor formwork and can also be used as scaffolding for the restoration of facades, premises, and other works.

3D formwork is a metal frame, assembled with vertical and horizontal elements, lower jacks and fork heads, connecting and fixing elements. Vertical elements (props) are the main load-bearing elements that are connected to each other on the principle of "tube-in-tube " with the help of connecting elements. The "upper cup" and the "lower cup", which are the support for the horizontal elements (crossbars), are welded to the props at a certain interval. The crossbars provide rigidity and stability. Threaded fork heads are installed in the upper part of the structure supporting the floor beams and the plywood. The height of the structure is adjusted using the lower jack.

This type of formwork has a number of advantages that distinguish it from others. These include: - quick installation and disassembly of the structure. - high level of reliability, strength and stability thanks to the cup connections. - versatility, thanks to which such products can be used for various purposes.

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