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Дата публикации: 09/03/2021

Telescopic props YAKBIZON and accessories

Formwork is used to create structures of buildings from concrete. The special props installed with a certain step help to maintain the formwork panels in a horizontal position. More often, they have a telescopic structure, which allows them to be used for panels mounted at different heights from the support platform.

Models of telescopic props differ by load-bearing capacity and the ability to support the panels at different distances from the platform on which they are installed. The design of the props includes three main elements:

1. a tripod consisting of three tubes and a clamping device. It is used for stable fixation of the prop in a vertical position.

2. a prop that is a jack designed. It is used to increase or decrease the length of the prop within its technical capabilities.

3. a fork head consisting of a straight-angle steel plate welded to the pipe, on the corners of which supporting corners of a small height are fixed. It is used to distribute the load from the formwork panel to the prop structure.

Installation of telescopic props includes the following steps:

  • preparation of the base for the props’ installation.
  • marking.
  • installation and fixing of the prop.
  • lifting of the fork head .
  • installation of load-bearing beams and cross beams.
  • setting of the reference angles.
  • laying of formwork panels.
  • adjustment of prop’s height.

Baumak company is a Russian manufacturer of high-quality equipment for concrete work that is produced under the trademark YAKBIZON. We offer the following models of telescopic props:

  • YAKBIZON SOTO and STR props of lightweight design. The priority direction of their use is small objects, and the maximum height at which the formwork panels can be supported is 4.5 m. The props are moved without using any mechanisms.
  • the YAKBIZON ST, YAKBIZON ST+, YAKBIZON C+ and YAKBIZON D+ series of props are designed to be used on construction sites with expected heavy loads on the formwork panels and, accordingly, on the props.

Thus, the YAKBIZON telescopic props manufactured by Baumak are available in six series, from standard to super reinforced with a load capacity from 1300 kg to 3000 kg.

Telescopic props YAKBIZON and accessories
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