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Дата публикации: 09/03/2021

YAKBIZON spring clamp

Spring clamps went into the construction market not so long ago but has already become more popular in use than tie rods. Imported spring clamps, especially Turkish ones, were in great demand until recently. However, today, the quality of Russian goods is not lower than of imported ones, while such characteristics as the maximum load, the thickness of the base, the length of the bracket and the welding quality of Russian clamps are much better than those of a foreign manufacturer.

The use of a spring clamp in the formwork construction has some advantages in comparison traditional methods.

First, it is cost-effective. There is no need to buy PVC cones and tubes, while the prices for spring clamps are quite affordable.

Secondly, the clamps are universal, they can be suitable for any type of formwork, even the most non-standard, and can also be used many times without losing their working properties.

Well, the most important vantage is the ease of use, which saves not only money, but also time.

But, despite the numerous advantages, this method of fastening has a significant drawback, namely, the load limit of no more than 4 tons. Therefore, this type of fastening is practically not used in the construction of large structures.

Installation of a spring clamp is a very simple process. First, you need to take a 6-12 mm rebar, which fastens the formwork boards together, then fix the clamp on both ends of the rebar and finally clamp them with a special key on one side. On the opposite side the lock is self-locking. The result is a strong structure. Removing the clamps is as easy as fixing them. It is necessary to hit the bracket with a hammer but not too hard, and that is it. The rebar remains in the thickness of the concrete, and its remaining parts are carefully cut off. This technology is easy to use and at the same time effective.

The design of the clamp is very simple. It is a clip lock, which is located on a metal platform with a snap-on bracket. The clamp is made of special reinforced steel and is powder-coated, which provides protection against corrosion. The thickness of base plate is 3-4 mm.

The spring clamp manufacturing process is simple and complex at the same time. The device is simple, but there are some moments to pay attention to: the sharp teeth of the galvanized bracket provide secure fastening and a strong and elastic spring firmly holds the clamp on the rebar. The case of a spring clamp is welded to the base plate and powder-coated after that. Then all the parts are assembled, and the high-quality finished product is ready.

Baumak is one of the first manufacturers of spring clamps in Russia and a leader in this industry. Our YAKBIZON clamps are going through the quality certification process from trusted and accredited certification bodies, which confirms their high quality.

YAKBIZON spring clamp
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