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Дата публикации: 09/03/2021

Film-faced plywood SunBirch

In 2016 Baumak company organized its own production of film-faced plywood under the SunBirch brand and opened a fully equipped with modern woodworking equipment plywood workshop with an area of 2000 m2.

Production is organized according to Euro-standards with a key emphasis on careful quality control which minimizes the influence of the human factor.

In the production of film-faced plywood we use high-quality birch veneer from the central part of Russia, which passes a multi-stage inspection and processing at our production site. After visual inspection, if necessary, the veneer is processed on a key-cutting machine, knots are cut out of it and patches are put on the holes. After that the future plywood sheet is formed: the veneer layers are coated with glue, the unique formulation of which is specially developed by our company's technologists. The veneer layers prepared for bonding are laid alternately in the longitudinal and transverse directions, thereby achieving high strength of the plywood sheet. The sheets are glued together using a hot press which ensures better glue adhesion to the surface. After passing the press, the semi-finished plywood sheet cools down for a time necessary for the final completion of the chemical reaction and the solidification of the adhesive. The next step in the production of film-faced plywood is cutting the edges on the machine equipped with high-speed steel circular saws which ensures high cutting accuracy and perfectly smooth sheet ends. Immediately before lamination, the plywood sheet must be grinded that helps on flattening of the surface and better adhesion of the film to the outer polished side of the plywood. The final stage is the hot lamination of the sheet with a protective film treated with phenolic resins. We use a film of Russian production but made from Finnish raw materials with a thickness of 120, 135 or 150 g/m2.

To protect the ends of the plywood from moisture we paint them with a special acrylic paint. It is also recommended to coat the ends of plywood with paint in case of cutting it on a construction site to avoid plywood delamination.

Finished plywood sheets are rejected and sorted by quality, packed in accordance with Russian National Standard with plywood panels, tied with metal tapes and marked with stickers containing the information on the plywood characteristics, date of production and shift number.

Film-faced plywood SunBirch
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