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Дата публикации: 09/03/2021

Own brand YAKBIZON

Baumak company is a manufacturer of components and accessories for slab formwork. Using its experience of trading activities, interaction with various foreign and Russian manufacturers the company developed a line of its own brand YAKBIZON focused on the needs of the consumer. The YAKBIZON brand is patented and registered, all products of the line have passed certification and have test reports.

Our goal is to create products with high technical characteristics at an affordable price from the manufacturer.

A wide range of products for monolithic building, known not only in Russia but also abroad, is produced under the YAKBIZON brand. So, the line of the YAKBIZON brand includes:

1. YAKBIZON telescopic props are divided into six series SOTO, STR, ST, ST+, C+, D+. All props are powder-coated that gives them enhanced corrosion resistance and high environmental friendliness. The inner pipe of the props dia 51 mm leaves a minimal gap with the outer pipe dia 60 mm, which increases the stability of the structure to vibrations. Prop nut and its handle are electrogalvanized and protected from corrosion and abrasion of the coating.

All series of YAKBIZON telescopic props differs by the type of nut, size, and max load-bearing capacity. All this allows each customer to choose a perfect formwork prop for his needs.

2. YAKBIZON tripods are available in three versions. They are made of steel pipe and have a ground or powder coating and support platforms for height adjustment. The tripods differ in the thickness of the pipe, the size of the support platform, the height, the width of the half-way length and mount type.

3. The YAKBIZON fork head is an economical option, surpassing the competitors with high quality of material and welding seam. The size of the base is 125x210 mm and the metal thickness is 3 mm, the height is 175 mm. Our advantages are attention to details and reliable fastening, low price and quality assurance. Baumak fork head will allow you to mount formwork structures quickly, inexpensively, and easily.

4. YAKBIZON spring clamps combine the best features. Thanks to the serious work of engineers and employees of Baumak company our spring clamps bear huge loads and have repeatedly proven their resistance to shocks. We produce 6 types of clamps that are combined in three series: ST, H, Z. The difference between series is in the thickness of the bracket and the size and thickness of the metal.

5. YAKBIZON push-pull props are additional components of the panel or wall formwork. Powder coating provides high corrosion resistance. The length adjustment is carried out by means of a screw. The lower support rests upon the panel and is fixed by an anchor attachment, the upper support is fixed at the top of the panel. The nominal length of the upper jack is 1950-2550 mm and of the lower jack is 1150-1750 mm. The construction of the push-pull prop allows to strengthen the formwork. The quantity of push-pull props and the width of the step is determined by the project.

6. YAKBIZON guardrail post is a necessary element of the construction process which is used to prevent the fall of workers at the boundary of the height difference during the construction of various objects and the reconstruction of buildings. Baumak produces two types of guardrail posts: SZO-1 and SZO-2, that meet the safety requirements and allow to provide the necessary labor protection at the construction site.

Initially, the goal of creating our own brand YAKBIZON was to produce adapted to customers and high-quality components and accessories for formwork at a low price. As can be seen, this goal was achieved, because our customers are satisfied with the quality, the brand has gained popularity, and the assortment is only expanding every year.

Own brand YAKBIZON
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